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James Dicks Detailed Bio

DNA Pulse James Dicks Detailed Bio

James Dicks Detailed Bio

Posted By James Dicks

James Dicks has managed all aspects of business growth

Co-Founder and CEO James Dicks

James Dicks has spent more than 25 years building business thru marketing practices and experience only garnered thru real world application. James is a McGraw-Hill international best selling author and has been seen on all major affiliates around the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNBC.

As a consultant/contractor employee/associate and owner operator. James’ forte is in marketing and creating brand awareness. As an entrepreneur James has managed all aspects of business growth. Working with nearly a thousand people to running a business with more than 150.

James is a strong believer in the longevity of a customer. It’s not just customer acquisition but customer loyalty that creates winning combinations that will ultimately prove positive for the company’s bottom line growth. To understand ones matrix is key, customer acquisition, customer conversion and customer retention are the underlying factors of successful marketing campaigns.

James brings his technology background to DNA Pulse. He specializes in “out of the box” thinking to successfully integrate the latest technology with business sales and marketing goals. This includes providing solutions that are designed and driven to leverage intellectual property to increase shareholder value through its focus on commercially attractive innovations — in other words, to bring its research to market.

James has been extremely successful by specifically focusing on technologies that enhance objective performance. He has a proven track record of successfully converting research and development endeavors into commercially viable and useful products for the commercial and consumer markets.

James is a member of a national information technology subcommittee for an office of the Department of Defense where he collaborates with other technology industry leaders that collectively foster technology advancements and integration. The subcommittee helps define a strategic vision and plan for IT deployment that supports DOD ESGR overall strategic vision. The subcommittee advises the executive advisory subcommittee leadership regarding mission effectiveness and reducing costs by taking advantage of rapid changes and advances in technology.

James specializes in using this technology background and experience to help business’ bridge the gap of traditional advertising and social media advertising. To do this DNA Pulse will focus its core competencies on new media technologies such as mobile media advertising and marketing as well as near horizon media opportunities such as location-based advertising.

As both a former Marine and dedicated family man, James strives to make a positive difference in the lives of every person he meets.

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