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Facebook Advertising

Posted By James Dicks

Facebook Advertising to Leverage Audience Targeting for Scale

DNA Pulse will create an ad campaign for you on Facebook, or we can manage your existing campaign.   We know Facebook, our company was founded on our knowledge and experience in this channel.  Facebook advertising will help you reach the people who matter most to your business. When we set up a campaign for you on Facebook we will use advanced targeting attributes such as gender, location, real age, interests, workplace, status and connections.

DNA Pulse can add additional filters based on your specific needs such as income, net worth, and other financial metrics to help narrow the audience reach for you. You tell us your ideal customer. We will deliver your relevant message to this narrow group of highly engaged people across devices, including desktop, mobile and tablets. Get the most value from your ad spend by reaching only the people that matter to you.

Lets look at a few examples. If you are a politician and are running for office we can load your database into Facebook see how many of those contacts have an active Facebook account. We can then target that group with your specific message.  Or we can target the group based on zip code, address, county, state or many other filters that will narrow who your message is delivered to increasing your chances for success and lower your marketing cost.

Lets say you are a business that sells to business (B2B) no problem, imagine that although it may not be possible to sell directly to business on Facebook, you can be assured that most business executives are on Facebook.  So we can target them by not just their business interest but other interest that are related to their industry.  We can also take your data base of customers and create a custom audience similar to what we have explained above.

DNA will also utilize a host of Facebook advertising tools such as marketplace ads, Facebook exchange ads (including retargeting), sponsored posts, sponsored stories and others. Retargeting alone can make a huge difference with your Facebook advertising. If you are not using that you should be and if you are you many not be using it to your advantage. If you send people to a landing page you should capture all the people that see your add click on your add but do not complete your call to action (your form).  Then you can send an offer to those people to reengage them and get them to take action on a more focused offer.  The same holds true on your web site.

Advertising on Facebook requires a different approach than Google advertising. You can and we will create and manage a standalone marketplace ad with the aim of direct client acquisition, but Facebook is more about having an active and engaging Facebook page. The longevity of a customer is key and using Facebook to help nurture and educate your customers or potential customers will help insure your long term success in this channel. – even when Facebook is not the converting click, it usually has an important role in raising awareness and driving demand.

Facebook Advertising consists of 2 parts: building an audience and direct response. Companies and brands need stage 1 in order to tap into stage 2. The benefits however can be significant – tapping into a large, engaged audience and delivering your call to action to an audience which might not be reachable via other channels.


15% of managed budget. Minimum fee applies.

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