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Posted By James Dicks


Every other element of marketing and advertising is moving towards personalization, this is now also a trend for display advertising. Advertisers are seeing the benefits of using retargeting campaigns, powerful targeting capabilities and advanced features such as dynamic content to make more relevant to users.

Looking for an additional opportunity to stand out? Have you ever gone to a website and noticed an advertisement for a different website you recently visited? Chances are you were retargeted. Retargeting is simply the tactic of tagging visitors on your site with a http cookie, then displaying your banner/text/rich media ad to those viewers when they are visiting another website at a different point in time. DNA Pulse is highly skilled in innovative retargeting best practices, providing services the include strategy, creative, placement, coding, analysis and reporting to clients of all sizes.

With Facebook, DNA Pulse can create a remarking campaign for you.  Works like this: If someone visits your website after clicking on a Facebook Ad and they don’t complete an action like making a purchase or giving you their contact information.  DNA can create a custom audince and remarket that audicne knowing that they faell short on the previous campign but they had enough interst to engage in your ad.  With this technology you can:
  • Bring website visitors back to complete a purchase
  • Find new people who are similar to your website visitors
  • Get more value from new customer acquisition campaigns by excluding existing customers
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