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Posted By James Dicks

Social Media Services

DNA Pulse provides social media services paramount to any business that wants to increase sales and utilize the latest technologies in social media. Please take a moment to glance at our services all of which are designed to help you take your business to the next level.  We focus on new media technologies. The internet more specifically social media is changing at light speed.  DNA Pulse focuses on these new advertising technologies to help your business implement them in real time marketing campaigns.

To give you a better idea of what we can do for you, here is a case study of a company that utilized all of the social media management strategies we offer.

Case study:

Online business providing financial services internationally: This business already had Facebook, and Twitter, but that was it, they wanted to grow their business with both paid and organic customer acquisition. The first problem they had was that they were a US based business with no foreign customers. They wanted to shift their business to a much more international base of customers.

DNA took over their social media management for them, and the first thing we did was to sit down and understand what they wanted to accomplish, the goals they were looking to meet and the budget they wanted to spend. Next we reviewed their web site to make sure that it was set up to integrate to the social media channels we created for them as well as the ones they already had in place. We added Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn to their list of social media channels.

Then we integrated all of those social media channels into their web site and linked them all together so that when they created content and posted that content on their web site the content would cross migrate with all of the other channels they now had. During the set up process we noticed many inefficiencies with the existing Facebook and Twitter pages they had, which is typical of most business that set those two social media channels up. We have institutional memory we have infused with technology that our team uses to evaluate existing social media assets which allowed us to identify the inefficiencies and resolve them.  We also make sure that your business profiles are complete across all social media channels and that you have all the graphic assets needed to complete the profiles.

This client then asked us to take over their Facebook and social media management.  Once the initial set up is complete and their social media channels had been added or enhanced, we then started a content management campaign. First we wrote and posted content a minimum of three times a week on Facebook, in addition to the content the client asked us to take them into the mobile media market, to do this we took their content and converted it to video content and info graphics.

The content creates engagement, content with photos more, info graphics even more and at the top is video content. Facebook alone makes sure that video content gets more organic engagement than any other form of content. They do this specifically because they are competing with YouTube for eyeballs. The last thing we did for this client was to create and manage their entire social media advertising campaign. In the first 7 months this company added 650,000 likes on Facebook, these likes were from people that had an interest in their services and what they do. We also were able to add 22,000 new leads, consumers that filled out a form and provided their personal contact information. More than 85 percent of these leads provided correct information including phone numbers.

Finally the client wanted a complete business automation system so that they could manage these leads, which included, more than 50 emails for communication, double opt in process so that the deliverability of these emails would be better. These leads were routed around the world to a virtual sales force and after contacted were either converted to a sale or recycled to a long-term nurture process. As you can tell this was a client that utilized virtually all of our core competencies.  This is a typical case study for higher end clients, and we can certainty do this for you based on your needs.

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