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Social Media Options

DNA Pulse Social Media Options

Social Media Options

Posted By James Dicks

Social Media Options

It’s not just about having a presences on social media as it is knowing what social media options are right for you and how to maximize your exposure on those outlets. DNA Pulse has an understanding on how to connect business’ thru social media channels and more importantly how to use advertising thru these channels to reach a more defined customer. Let us build a campaign for you and see the possibilities.

Facebook Marketing

As of 2015’s first quarter, Facebook had a whopping 1.44 billion monthly active users. As a business owner, your customers or future customers are here. Whether B2B or B2C you will find a connection here. We have found that none of our customers have hit a diminishing point of return on their ad dollars. You need an immersive and forward-thinking Facebook marketing strategy including promotional contests and content curation relevant to your industry

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has become a great place for businesses to connect with current and prospective customers. With 72% of users more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter, you will want to make sure that your content is integrated.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, and with over 364 million users, you may want to consider a component of your marketing campaign to include this medium. It is more expensive when advertising in most cases however depending on your service or product, it could be a very qualified audience for you. Whether you’re looking to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry or hire qualified candidates, Linkedin has something to offer.

Pinterest Marketing

Is your business on Pinterest yet? Encouraging more purchases than any other social platform, Pins drive more revenue to eCommerce stores than any other social share. We have found that many of our clients can increase bottom line revenue with a presence here.

Google+ Marketing

While Google’s aspirations for this social network have been reduced, Google+ is still one of the largest social networks and offers unique opportunities for marketers to gain visibility and increase profits. Seasoned marketers know that almost every consumer check their email daily. Google+ allows you to email your Gmail followers with a click of the bottom – a featured unmatched by any other social network. If you own a business or care about your personal brand, there’s no question you need to be on Google+.

Youtube Marketing

With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month, YouTube is still the leader in video sharing in the world. YouTube is prime real estate for getting your videos found.

Let DNA Pulse help you with your social media options.

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